Alleluia! Christ Is Risen!

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Greetings, fellow disciples of Jesus,

“Do not be alarmed;

you are looking for Jesus of Nazareth,

who was crucified.

He has been raised; he is not here.”

– Mark 16:6

The good news, articulated by the angel is “He is not here.” Though once He was dead, now Jesus is alive forever. If you visit the tomb today, you’ll find it just as the women did on that first Easter morning: empty.

Jesus rose from the dead never to die again. He lives today, ascended to the right hand of the Father in heaven. There, He intercedes for us (Romans 8:34).

Jesus is also with His Church on earth. In Word and Sacrament He sustains us by faith until the Last Day when He returns to gather us unto Himself. Then our faith will become sight, for we will see Him with our own eyes.

Just think: on that day, because of Him, our tombs will be empty, too!

In the hope that springs from this good news,

Pastor Mike

Apostle to the Apostles

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